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Never comfortable with “her” body or given name, Kayanna knew since childhood he was meant to be a boy. Struggling deeply with his identity throughout his youth, he adopted a new name – Krow. At 12-years-old, Krow began a career as a globe-trotting “female” fashion model. While living a glamourous lifestyle, he never felt fully comfortable, despite the attention and praise lavished on him for his good looks.
At school he was seen as a tomboy and cruelly bullied for the way he dressed. Krow found solace in Animé conventions and cosplay, where he found like-minded people who accepted him for who he truly was, giving him new found confidence.
At 18, Krow embarked on the journey towards physically becoming a man. The first step was cutting off his ponytail and then pausing his career as a fashion model in order to begin the process of transitioning.
In a series of honest and often heart-breaking interviews, we see how Krow’s decision impacted those closest to him. His mother, Lisa, initially struggles with the revelation that her child wanted to transition. But, as she learns what it means for him, she begins to whole-heartedly embrace her son’s new life. Then there is Krow’s friend Ashton and his mentor Kas who share their own experiences of growing up in bodies they never felt comfortable in, as well as their personal journeys towards transition.
We witness the continual challenges faced by Krow, including hormone therapies and numerous invasive surgical procedures, such as breast removal and a hysterectomy.
As Krow grows in confidence in his new body, he returns to his career in the fashion industry, taking his first job as a male model on the runway at Paris Fashion Week.


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