Krow Kian

Hailing from Vancouver BC, Canada, Krow began his once ‘female’ modeling career as a pre-teen, travelling to Asia and around the globe on modelling contracts. Years later after his final trip abroad and fed up, Krow cut off his long ponytail in one snip and returned home to tell his mom he was transgender. With the support of his mother, he started the process of transitioning in 2015.

Having had a successful career in the fashion world, Krow wondered if he would ever be accepted back as an openly transgender male model in the industry. The documentary “Krow’s Transformation” was born, and follows his journey of transitioning and then pursuing a career as a male model. The documentary of Krow’s transition took 3 years to film and originally starting as an educational tool for schools showing every single step along the way of his process, but it soon grew into a much bigger project.

Since then, Krow has gone on to become the #1 Trans Male Model in the world, modelling for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week, walked for the likes of Balmain and Alexander McQueen as well being the very first transgender male to grace the covers of  L’Uomo Vogue in its 50-year history, also the first Trans man on the cover of GQ. Krow has been featured in Dazed and Confused, Vogue Ukraine and Elle Canada to name a few as well as multiple fashion campaigns worldwide.

Kas Baker & Emily Seal

Sharing his story and his heart in the documentary as the ‘mentor’, Kas Baker reveals his journey before and after as a Trans man, giving advice to Krow along the way of his struggles and positive outcomes throughout his transition. Kas also appears in the film alongside with his wife and musical partner, Emily Seal, they share their own journey of music and love in the film. As the musical duo named ‘Winter Youth’, Kas and Emily wrote and performed a number of songs exclusively for and in the film, including their haunting rendition of the David Bowie classic, ‘Changes’. Along with his music, Kas is also a partner in the brand OYT Cosmetics, a Canadian-based LGBTQ2+ owned and operated company inspiring cruelty-free beauty and inclusion around the globe.

Ashton Sciacallo

Ashton is based in Victoria, BC Canada, and has been best friends with Krow from the tender age of 10, they share their remarkable, and at times painful stories from their earlier days in elementary school, prior to both of their transitions. Ash came out online to friends at age16 and then to his family and friends at 18. He began his transition to male at the age of 19.

Ashton is an artist, photographer and writer. He is also an environmental and indigenous sovereignty activist, along with being a wonderful panel speaker on Trans and Gender Neutral/Nonconforming Rights.

Director and Executive Producer- Gina Hole Lazarowich

With 3 decades of experience in feature film & advertising as a producer, and formerly a makeup artist in film, fashion & for celebrities, Gina’s career in creating and producing every aspect for the visual medium has been her signature. Most recently Gina turned to directing, as well as producing her first feature length documentary, KROW’S TRANSFORMATION, where she won ‘Best Documentary’ at the EMIFF in Spain, opened the 27th Annual Raindance Film Festival in London and won ‘Audience Favorite’ at the Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival. Gina also won the title of ‘Best Director’ for the Docs Without Borders Film Festival in the US. She has produced for over 17 years with current projects like the multi award-winning shorts, TOM and GRANT, ODD GIRL & associate producer for the WHISTLE film. Gina is currently writing a semi-autobiographical feature film titled, 1977.

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